3D E-cards that gift a planted Tree with every Purchase

A meaningful gift for Birthdays, friendship, holidays, sympathy, celebrations

only $1.99 each!

who plants the trees?


Our partners, Eden Reforestation Projects do. Their sole mission is to organize sustainable tree planting projects around the world. Our goal is to help fund these initiatives at a critical time in our history. We strive to encourage a global network of caring individuals to support a greener, compassionate and more equitable world.

Trees are planted in Kenya, Haiti, Nepal, Madagascar, Central America and Indonesia.

A great gift for Birthdays, Holidays, Expressions of Sympathy, Celebrations, Friendship and more.

Your Tree Card will deliver joy, happiness and respect for those you love & the planet we share.
You choose from several delivery options including:
- DM or IM (FB, Whatsapp, Linkedin etc.)
- TEXT (if the recipient has a data plan)

woman holding seedling